Voyage South Begins

Ahoy there!

We are about to set sail on a grand adventure! Our maiden voyage down South on our 29 ft sloop, Kokomo. She is now self sustainable (Minus the diesel engine), stocked up and ready to go! Alas, with only 10 sailing excursions under our skivvy’s, and self taught navigational skills, it will be a challenge to take on mother natures vast network of rivers, waterways, and oceans. Before leaving the dock, we 3 wanderlust seekers + cat, have been told we are reckless, devoted, daring and just plain stupid. Perhaps we are, and I know we have eons of things to learn, but what better way then to cast off the dock lines, and flee to far off horizons. As Captain Ron would say, “If anything is going to happen, it’s going to happen out there.” Not a Captain to adhere to (Retro Jack Sparrow), but perhaps there is some truth in it. The best way to learn is to experience it first hand, and that is what we shall do. Escape! Fare thee well safe shores!

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us, believed in us, and inspired us to take on this journey. You have helped make dreams come true and we couldn’t be more grateful.

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