Sailing to haunted island

Having left the safe waters of our marina, we are now leaving the familiar shores of Southern Ontario and heading across Lake Ontario to the isolated island of Main Duck. It was our first expedition into rougher open waters, but one heck of a ride. 12 miles from the nearest mainland and 1000 acres in size, Main Duck Island is a raw, slice of rustic beauty surrounded by sharp rocks, and shoals. In the middle of the Marysburgh Vortex, “Canada’s Bermuda Triangle,” the charity shoal creates magnetic anomalies that can make sailors lose their bearings and get lost in the wind swept waters of the Lake. The Island is surrounded by many ship wrecks, and is said to be a grounds for the paranormal.

From lore of abandoned treasure, phantom sailors and a haunted light house, we decided to check it out for ourselves! Watch the video if you dare! The rest is history.

Take the risk, the time will still pass all the same.

– The Escape Artists

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