Liveaboard Sailing through the Hudson Highlands!

Come sail with the Kokomo Crew as we travel through the Magical Hudson Highlands on our way to New York City!

The Hudson River was a great place to become familiar with tides, currents, shoals, marine traffic, and other navigational elements. Enter into the daily life of us silly, amateur cruisers as we try to anchor, sail and voyage down the river before being sucked out into NYC harbour and into the vast blue ocean!

The goal of being “Escape Artists,” has been to find methods of freeing the mind and soul. To live the unexpected, travel the unconventional and spin anything considered “the norm” upside down. We wish to share with you the ways that we have escaped from the traditional do’s and don’ts, and though it may not be for everyone, it may still spark a question or two.

Do what you love, and then time will be on your side. Go forth and be your own adventure!

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