Make Your Dreams Come True: Live in the Moment

Dreams can come true, if you put every energy you have into making them a reality. 

Be Present

Being in the present moment is key to making dreams become reality. There is not future, and there is no past. You can imagine the future and think of the past in your memories, but remember, you are doing this in the present. The present moment is a key, and everyone has access to it. It’s not something you purchase online and it’s not buried on an island that cannot be found.

It’s in your hands now, always.

I don’t know who you are, or what your dreams are, but I can tell you that if you know what you want, you can make it happen, and you can start to make it happen now. If you don’t know what you want, then get out there and try things, something is bound to stick! You can read the article on how to manifest your dreams if you are ready.

Finding Stillness

Through all the chaos and madness that life presents, it’s important to be able to find stillness, a sense of peace somewhere. If you have the time, take it. Sit down somewhere and just listen. Listen to everything around you, take it all in and let it flow through you like the rush of water over a waterfall. Breathe in slowly, and follow your breath.

Your mind may be rushing with ideas, thoughts, judgement, worries. Let them through. If a thought comes to you that you dislike, do not bar it from your mind, this will only create more resistance, and what we resist persists. Looking at some of the thoughts in the mind may be painful, but remember, they are only thoughts. They cannot hurt you anymore. In fact, when you are faced with a painful memory, you are given a great gift. These painful memories hold within them hidden gems of wisdom. They give you the chance to look at your fears in the face and transmute them.

By looking at the fear, and letting it pass through, you are heading towards the step where you will be above judgement. Judgement is a resistance to what is. If you judge something, you are saying that you do not like it this way, or that. But it just is. Imagine that you are a tree. The tree does not judge the person cutting it down, it just is. I’m not saying to let others hurt you, but it’s important that you do not hurt yourself through your own judgement and judgement of others. Remember, we all have a role to play, and we are playing with the cards that we were given.

For many years I would meditate on the bus, or in a park. Finally my dream came true and I was able to meditate living on a sailboat. Meditation is something you will eventually be able to do anywhere, but like anything, it takes practice. Soon I will share some techniques that have helped me find my inner stillness.

Some say that if you practice deep breathing and presence you will be able to find that peace and inner stillness so many of us crave. However, I will admit that it is much easier to meditate and let go of the rest of the world on the bow of a boat, the worries far across the water.  You can’t help but appreciate every single second of peace. Why? Because you become aware that  you create your reality. That may be a terrifying realization, but it is the start of everything. Once you realize that you co-create your reality through your thoughts and thereby your actions, you can change your current reality, either of your own accord, or with others to help you. I couldn’t have made this sailboat dream a reality without the help of my friends and family. I wouldn’t be who I am today without any of them.

Never meet your hero?

We can create our own realities, yes, but we are not completely responsible for our successes, nor our failures. For some reason we always want to take the credit for when we do the right thing. As an example, like many celebrities before, Johnny Depp has earned much praise and much criticism for his roles and his personal life choices. But should we judge him for creating his reality? We cannot. He has millions of people who have been a part of his journey. He has millions of circumstances that had they been different, he would not be where he is now. We cannot judge ourselves and we cannot judge others. We can take responsibility for our life and what we do with it, but who and what we are is not our fault, it is complex array of circumstance, DNA, experiences and beyond. It is not something that can be caged between the notions of words. So now, I implore you to close your eyes after reading this, and listen to the stillness in your mind. Listen to that being that is experiencing your reality, and just be with it. And so, on this beautiful morning at anchor in the Bahamas, I to engaged in my morning stillness. And remember being in paradise didn’t just happen overnight, I sacrificed who I was to become the person I knew I could be.

My Morning Meditation Ritual

I sometimes pinch myself to remind me I’m not dreaming. Or am I? 

For myself, and I’m sure many others, meditation is a vital component to ones daily ritual, and is just as important when living aboard a sailboat. Sailing is a beautiful form of travel and sport, but it can terrifying and dangerous if you are unprepared for the forces of mother nature. Taking the time to calm the mind when you can is vital to ones mental health and for the minds of friends and crew members whether you are at sea or on land.

On board a small boat, one needs time to themselves. In the morning, I am grateful to wake up before the rest of the crew and sit on the bow of the boat. There I wipe off the morning dew with a towel and sit down cross legged as the sun rises. I close my eyes and feel the warmth on my face. Listen to the chirping of the birds, the flapping of flags, rippling of small wavelets and the distant roar of the sea. The mind ebbs and flows like the tide of the ocean. Focusing on my breath, paying attention to each inhale and exhale. The wind blows the boat around, much like the thoughts in ones mind, I anchor it back into the centre of my being. The anchor keeps you from drifting away, yet the wind still turns you around. Let the thoughts go, don’t judge them, let them flow by like the rippling water alongside the boat.

After meditating for 30 minutes or so, I will do some yoga or stretch, again trying to focus on the breath and keep centered. Feeling each muscle contract with each stretch. After which the sun will become too hot and a swim will be in order. Here, I can dive into to the turquoise waters and do a couple laps up and down the boat. I dry down with a microfibre while munching on a few hunks of fresh coconuts from the island. Then it’s time to grind beans and brew water for coffee.

Once the coffee is poured, I’ll take out the laptop and begin jotting down the mental ponderings of the moment. Perhaps they will be helpful to others, inspirational, or mere brainstorming. I’ll sip my coffee while gazing out at the boats at anchor and smile. Peace comes over every aspect of my being and I am filled with happiness for the life I have helped to co-create. If only getting here could have been as beautiful as this moment. The truth is, creating freedom comes at a price, whether it’s money or time is up to you.

Dreams can come true, if you put every energy you have into making them a reality.

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