Ahoy Fellow Freedom Seekers!

We arrgh The Escape Artists! Seeking to awaken our minds beyond the conventional, destined to find and share creative ways to escape & reveal a world that many of us often dream of. If you are ready to take the leap, we are here to show you how!

The world is transforming into an interconnected community of digital nomads, tiny house dwellers, mindful minimalists and spiritual explorers all creating new lifestyles where sustainability and creativity rule the hours of 9-5. We have explored many of these alternative lifestyles from van dwelling and digital nomadism to live aboard sailing. Currently, we are experimenting with life aboard a 29 ft sailboat with 3 humans and a cat. On a daily basis we incorporate simple living, mindfulness, DIY and sustainability. Through these alternative lifestyles we make and spend less to travel and create more.

We urge you to come with us on our adventure to unravel the traditional do’s and don’ts. Spin this society upside down like in our dreams, and find ways to create that freedom we all yearn for. Live without boundaries, become the character(s) in your soul, and be that you, you know is in there.

Creating Freedom

Whether the confinement is mental, physical, spiritual or psychological, we want to share with you the keys, tools and escape routes that have helped us create our freedom. We want to help identify the chains and show you how to find the keys to freedom, and figure out which escape route is calling you.

Creating an escape can be messy and dangerous, and sometimes there is no turning back. Are you ready?

In creating your freedom, there are three main steps that we must look into.


For example, if someone is trapped in a prison, the prisoner might examine their surroundings. How many guards are on duty? Is there a window to climb out of, or perhaps it’s the Shawshank redemption and digging your way out of the cell might be the best bet. However, before we can hop out the window and enjoy our new found freedom, we first must look to our mind and hands and come to realize the chains that hold us down. They may be shackles in the mind, old beliefs, outdated behaviour patterns, commitments to a job,  family and friends or a maxed out credit card. Chains don’t have to be negative, however just becoming AWARE of them is the first step in unlocking the many keys to your ultimate freedom.

Step 1: Breaking The Chains

To “Break The Chains” you must identify what it is that is tying you down in your current reality, and preventing you from achieving your freedom. Much of the time, these chains are invisible, and can be difficult to identify, because more often that not, chains are things we actually want and love and therefore we aren’t even aware that they are chains.

Chains are needs, wants and desires. We want cream in our coffee so we buy cream. We want to look good, so we buy that designer brand bag and eye liner. We need that comfy mattress for a good night sleep.  We convince ourselves that we need all these things, that we have to have them! The fact of the matter is, we don’t NEED them. We have been conditioned to need them. There are plenty of people in the world that live without cream, without 1000.00 mattresses, without a fridge, and without running water. When we make money, we think and feel that we deserve these things. That we have worked hard enough, given away our time enough that we need something in return. In order to find the life of your dreams, you have to first break the need, break the idea that you have to have everything you desire. Because what you desire might not be something you can buy after all.

So, are you ready to break a chain or two?

You only need to break one, and this will begin a “chain reaction.” One by one your chains will fall apart. You will begin to think about what you are doing. Think about the way you are living. Be present to everything in your life, be aware of what you truly desire and not what others wish for you to desire.

One of the most important things to do, is begin by looking at where your TIME is being spent. Are you spending all your time working? Partying and drinking? Sitting in front of the computer? Chains may be commitments, and there is nothing wrong with committing your time, it’s the amount of time that you give to each thing. The key is, everything in moderation.

Here are a variety of chains:

  • Expensive Habits: (Partying/smoking/drinking, restaurants, gift giving, brand name clothes shopping, personal luxury products, i.e. perfume)
  • Events: Vacations, Weddings, Holidays
  • Job/Career: (especially if it needs to be location based)
  • Pets: The need to have a pet ( But they are so sweet and cute! Believe me, I know. I have one.)
  • Home ownership: The need to have a house (Where will I put all my things??)
  • Diet and fitness routine: The need to go to the gym (I live in the suburbs there is no where to run?)
  • Unrealistic expectations of family and friends: (But I have to buy them all gifts, they bought them for me?) Remember, no family member wants you to go into debt to show your love. And if they do, well, that is definitely a chain.)
  • The illusion of the self: If you believe you are your job, your house, your clothes, this limits your ability to find out who you truly are.

These are a few chains and we will go into further depth about each one in later posts. Some of these chains are quite obvious, like dining out, and others are obscure like expectations from family and friends. If you dine out often you may find yourself working longer hours, and thus have less time to spend writing that book, or starting that musical instrument. It’s sometimes difficult to even imagine a different life because we have all become so convinced that our reality needs to stay the same.

Why? Because change is scary. Change is unpredictable and can alter your entire life. Remember, change is inevitable, the only constant thing in your life is change.  

Change shakes us up, and creates new branches in our lives to grow and evolve. Realize now that you don’t need to dedicate your life to a full time job if you change another part of your life. If you limit how much money you spend, you don’t need to make as much money! It’s as simple as that.

As we grow up our lifestyles become a tower like structure of puzzle pieces. We think we need each and every pieces or the tower will crumble, and that might be true, but what if we let the tower crumble. What if our life isn’t the life we had always been dreaming of. What if it’s the life our parents, our friends or society want us to have. We actually have a choice, and we can make it now.

Step 2: Finding Keys of Freedom

Once you have identified some of the chains, you can now start to find the keys to freedom. Keys are alternative ways of doing things. We want to share with you a variety of keys that helped us for our escape. For example, if you don’t eat meat, you don’t need a fridge! Make oat milk instead of having cream.  Realize that you don’t need that expensive shampoo that your mother always used. Become aware of your needs and desires. You can change your needs, and once you realize this, you are ready for an alternative, you are ready for a key! Want to break the chain of expensive shampoo?! Try the simple baking soda and apple cider vinegar method. It’s cheaper, available anywhere, green, and eventually you may have better results than with shampoo without the detrimental effects to your hair and the environment.

Here are some keys! 

  • Work Online or Remotely: There are many ways you can utilize your web skills and work online. Whether you blog, sell clothing, or freelance, this can give you the ability to be mobile and make your own hours! Check out our article on becoming a digital nomad!
  • Buying Used Clothes: You can save so much money buying used clothes, and often the treasures that you find there can be more valuable than what you buy at an outlet shop. (It’s fun, it’s green, and it’s cheaper!)
  • Home Cooked Meals: Buy your own ingredients and get creative in the kitchen! Again, it will be healthier, cheaper, and if you avoid packaging and purchase locally, it will be green to! To save money we eat a lot of chic peas, oats, rice, and lentils, just supplement the dry with a few fresh ingredients and voila!
  • Sustainable Living: Solar Panels, Composting Toilets, Windmill, etc.
  • DIY: Make your own things! You can save tonnes of money by making your own toothpaste, , making oat milk, face creams, shampoo, and growing your own food, etc.
  • Sharing Economy: Make use of online services like Woofing, Warm Showers, House sitting and Couchsurfing, to aid alternative lifestyles!
  • Seasonal Migration: If you are mobile, try moving with the seasons, and save money on heating! We live in Canada, so half the year the climate is resembles a frozen, alien landscape and if you do not have shelter you will literally die. We traveled down South in a minivan, and than decided to upgrade to a sailboat. The Bahama’s in the winter is quite enjoyable!
  • Biking/Walking: Rather than driving to work or taking the bus, check and see if you live in a location that allows for commuting by bike. This way you can get your daily cardio without having to pay for the gym!
  • Meditation: Take time out of your day to be present. Find somewhere where you can sit and just be with yourself, let your thoughts run through your mind. Take the time to be a human being, not a human doing, often this will help you re-orient yourself by finding your center and help you move in the direction of your dreams.

Step 3: Choosing An Escape Route

The trends of tiny living, minimalism, digital nomadism, van dwelling and ecotourism are growing like seeds with all generations re-exploring and building communities around this alternative way of living.  Now that you have broken some of the chains of your old life and have the tools to create more time and independence, here are some of the “Escape Routes” which may help you to create the the reality you wish to experience. The world is changing every second, and we now have the ability to share our findings and learn to change and evolve with the ever growing, interconnected global sphere we are now living in. Check out some of the escape routes!

Escape Routes

  • Simple Living:  The idea that you need less to live more. You become AWARE of HOW you are spending your time and resources, and have artfully created a lifestyle that can fulfill your spiritual, psychological and physical needs without sacrificing your happiness. This could be reducing your possessions and increasing your ability to be self sufficient.
  • Van Dwelling: A lifestyle that involves living out of a van or larger vehicle like a bus or RV. You can travel or live in one place and the best part is you can save money on rent/house and are free to travel where the jobs are, or where the weather is in warmer!
  • Tiny House: A tiny home is a great way to still live in a house, but incorporate the element of “simple living.” Many tiny house designs are great for off grid living because they are self sufficient. Tiny homes are often set up with solar power, rain water collection, composting toilets and other sustainable appliances. Tiny houses are oftto save money, and often you can customize it to your own design.
  • Homesteading: Gives you an image of a house and barn in the forest with tonnes of acres. Those who have a homestead often have the time and resources to be self sufficient. Whether you are chopping wood for the winter season, or growing  crops in the summer months, homesteading is rewarding, but hard work.
  • Liveaboard Sailing: Living and travelling on a sailboat allows you to carry your home with you wherever you go! It is the most expensive way to get somewhere for free, but from my own experience, living on a sailboat is by far the most epic, complex, and rewarding way to live and explore the world.
  • Intentional Community: Communes are a great way for like minded individuals to work and live together to create a community with common dreams and goals. Many communes are self sufficient through sustainable living with the use of renewable energy, organic gardening, free roaming livestock, composting toilets and often tiny houses. Travelling in a commune becomes a bit more difficult as it takes a variety of hands to maintain the community.
  • House Sitting: House sitting is a great way to explore the world from the comfort of a home. People from all over the world post their homes online for house sitting while they are away. The house sitter than takes care of the persons home, animals, gardens, etc for free!
  • Woofing: Woofing is a great way to travel the world and embed yourself in a community. There are fantastic opportunities from organic farming and small holding sustainable properties. It is a chance to build your skills and learn from individuals who already know their trade.
  • Backpacking: Backpacking is a great way to get out there and see the world while being a part of it with each step. Depending on where you are backpacking you will have to prepare for the climate and culture you are visiting. Every country is different, and there are many things to know before packing your bags and flying halfway across the world.
  • Biking: If you enjoy the nomadic lifestyle than cycling might be right up your alley. It’s for those who wish to get from place to place, but still enjoy being outside and involved in the elements. cycling and backpacking have a lot of cross overs such as finding places to camp. There are a variety of websites that making cycling a sustainable form of travel. Warm showers and couch surfing are two ways to help cyclists have a place to sleep and stay clean while on the go.

Everyone’s escape will be different. Perhaps you are ready to take on the challenge, maybe you want to think and plan your escape. Remember, everyone is given the key of time. What and how you choose to use it is up to you.

  • The Escape Artists