Nomadic Merino Wool

It is important when travelling to pack light and efficiently, but most of all to prepare for the weather. There is a special type of wool that has been used throughout the centuries that can provide you with comfort, warmth and keep you feeling clean and fresh while on the move. This magical material is called Merino Wool. For centuries merino sheep have adapted to live through the extreme weather fluctuations in the Alps of New Zealand. Their merino wool keeps them insulated in the winter, cool in the summer, yet it is unbelievably soft unlike most wool which tend to irritate the skin.

Merino wool has the power to absorb odors, therefore it needs little washing. For travelling, this is the perfect material. Due to the textiles unique characteristics, buying new merino wool clothing articles can be pretty pricey. Luckily there are other options. If you are up for thrift shopping you can find some merino treasures for almost nothing. Upon hunting for merino wool at various thrift stores I managed to find tights, t-shirts, sweaters, and long sleeve tops all under the price of 10$ CAN. For hygienic purposes, put the used merino wool in a plastic bag and freeze it over night to clean it and then wash it by hand if you are feeling that it might not have been cleaned at the thrift store.  Purchasing merino wool second hand is a great way to save money, the sheep thanks you and so does the environment.

Merino Buff

Whether your hiking, biking, sailing, or van dwelling an essential travelling article is the merino wool buff. It is like an infinity scarf, but can be worn as a bandanna, hat, scarf, mouth cover, headband, tuque, leg/arm warmer, etc. Purchasing these new can be a bit pricey, so be frugal and sustainable and try the DIY merino wool buff. Use the merino articles purchased at a thrift store, and re-purpose them. I found tights and the arms of shirts to be the best. Often used merino sweaters and shirts will have holes in them, so I cut off the arms and use them to make the buff by sewing a seam at each end, or leave an opening and tie it up at the back if using it like a bandanna.

Benefits of Merino Buff:

  • Small and portable
  • Keeps you warm
  • Many different ways to wear it
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Breathable
  • Multi-use


If a thrift store isn’t your cup of tea, you can buy the merino buff online. Here is a 100% Natural Merino Wool Buff Head wear, click here to purchase it right now! 

Enjoy your future travels, clean, soft and cozy!

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