SV Kokomo

For our first sailboat we were fortunate enough to come across a Cal-29 sloop in Lake Ontario. She had been on the hard for a few years so she was nice and dry!

She was outfitted by a boat builder and a lot of care was put into her before she came under our care. Having been made in the early 1970’s she was in great condition.

  • Kokomo is equipped with a 6 berths in total (2 quarter, V berth and a double settee berth.
  • We use rechargeable battery powered lights for inside the cabin.
  • Having no head in the boat, we elected to install a composting head
  • 2 Solar panel (Total of 150 Watts)
  • 2 Lee sails in good condition (Not one rip on our voyage, alas they still need work after our long voyage)
  • 2 Anchors: The CQR (150 ft of chain), and the Fortress (30 ft of chain followed by rope)
  • Alcohol Stove


With a draft of 4.5 we were able to navigate into the shallows and anchor where other sailboats close to our size could not, alas this does not mean we were free from running aground!

The cockpit is relatively large for a 29 ft sailboat. This was great because we had 3 crew and a cat living on board for the duration of our trip down south!

One of the things that needed to be completed before our trip down south was a good scrape of her hull from the old paint and a few fresh coats of antifouling paint!

We scrubbed and painted her bottom, put her in the water, then fixed up the engine.


Here are some photos of Kokomo on her adventure down south!

(Run aground in Hudson River, who would know!)



Waterford NY (Free dock!)


Erie Canal, NY


Main Duck Island, Lake Ontario (Isolated)


Kingston Yacht Club, Ontario


Jersey Coast on the Atlantic Ocean


Kingston, NY


Sailing the Bahamas