Minimalist Microfiber

Microfiber towels are the latest innovation in minimalist cleaning, yet hardly anyone knows about it! Why? Because microfibers are so cheap, that there isn’t any money in convincing people to buy them. And remember, society needs our money to keep afloat!

Microfibers are fantastic for people living nomadic lives. They are portable, dry quick and clean thoroughly! Ever since travelling became our everyday life, we don’t use soap to wash our hair or body, so microfibers become a great alternative. Their tiny fibers latch onto dead particles on skin/hair and actually clean your body better than soap and hot water.

You can use microfibers to facilitate any lifestyle, but they have become key components in the lives of minimalist/ nomadic living. Yep that’s those of us living from a backpack, or perhaps van dwelling, sailing, tiny housing etc. Drying with a microfiber may be a more involved process than using a traditional beach towel, because it only absorbs a tiny portion of water so you have to continually squeeze it out. However, by not absorbing the water, it is almost dry by the time you hang it up. Prepare to free yourself from a big, soggy towel taking up space and creating humidity!  They are also multi purpose and can function as a wash cloth, towel, and dishcloth (not in that order)! Conveniently, they can be found in grocery stores, dollar stores, or hardware stores.

Recap why Microfibers are the greatest?

– Effective Cleaning Agent!

– Cheap

– Quick Dry

– Eco-Friendly (don’t need soap/reusable!)

– Portable

– You can buy them almost anywhere.

By using the microfiber towel to replace other things, we save money and time. It cleans all the dirt away with just it’s tiny fibers!

Enjoy your extra time, and cheers to a worthwhile existence made simple!

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